Rethinking Wellbeing at Your Work

How can Own Your Health Collective help you rethink wellbeing at your work?

We are committed to helping organisations create healthy, inclusive and supportive workplace cultures. Our programs are designed to improve individual and workplace health and well-being, support psychological safety around these topics and foster a culture of health, respect and care.

We believe in breaking down isolation, fostering inclusivity and recognising the diverse health needs of employees. By addressing these issues, we aim to reduce stress and burnout, retain valued employees who hold crucial knowledge and contribute to your commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Work with us to create a workplace where every individual feels valued, supported and empowered to thrive.

Whole Health

When a person is healthy in their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self, they have increased capacity to contribute fully to a thriving and prosperous workplace.

Achievable Strategies

Our workshops, coaching, programs and online resources cut through the confusion and provide practical gender focussed strategies that are simple, achievable and proven.


Every person, team, and workplace is unique and there’s no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to health and wellbeing.

Happier individuals. Enhanced well-being. Greater workplace support.

Our Signature Wellbeing Workshops

Empowering Men  through Health

Explore holistic approaches to men’s health. We’ll discuss physical, mental and emotional well-being, and address key health issues across all life stages.


Thriving in Work
and Life

Take the guesswork out of working at your best confidently and mindfully manage life, even amongst continued change.

A Practical Plan forward
for personal thriving

Using Emotional Intelligence

Understand the key concepts and benefits of Emotional Intelligence and learn self-awareness exercises that can be used to support your health and life.

Self Awareness

Empowering Women through Health

Explore the five pillars of health across women’s specific phases and cycles. Gain tools for life and mental well-being, and holistic life management 

Women’s Health


The changing environment has evoked a time of unprecedented uncertainty, stress and anxiety that can have significant and wide-reaching impacts on our mental well-being, focus and productivity. Equip your people with an understanding of stress and appropriate coping strategies.

Supportive Stress
Management Learning

Love Your

Sleep is instrumental to our overall
well-being.  It refreshes the mind, repairs the body, reduces the risk of developing certain chronic illnesses, keeps the brain and digestion healthy, and boosts your immune system. Take a deep dive into sleep.

The Whole Health
Benefits of Sleep

Finding Balance with Mindfulness

Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation to help you feel calmer, more present, and more relaxed. Explore mindfulness techniques to support your well-being.


How to use mindfulness
techniques for life


As we now find ourselves navigating work between the office and home, the food we eat needs to support our health, productivity, and wellness, whilst also support our cognitive performance, energy and concentration.  Learn how here.

The Whole health
benefits of healthy eating

Employees who positively rated their business’ commitment to wellness were 63% more likely to be loyal.


“A big thanks to you Lisa for the nine workshops you delivered to us at The City of Moreland as part of our health and wellness program for the 18/19 financial year. Each workshop provided relevant background and evidence based content which encouraged interaction from staff through each session. It’s always challenging choosing topics and activities that are going to appeal to such a large amount of staff, given the diverse multicultural backgrounds and interests that exist here, however the topics you suggested certainly provided something for everyone. Your delivery of each session to attendees was easy to follow and certainly encouraged them to consider a healthy lifestyle from nutrition, movement, sleep, stress, and mindset perspective. Thank you so much.”

Felicity Jordan

Health and Wellbeing Advisor, City of Moreland Council

“What a great collaboration! I did a workshop on mindset reset with these two wonderful ladies who know their stuff. I felt that in just two hours they were able to hone in on the areas I was trying to work on, specifically gut health with Lisa and prioritising the importance in my life, with Natalie”


Workshop Attendee, Mindset Reset Workshop

“A Great Interactive workshop series that allowed me to understand my own stress and how to better manage it, but also gave me insights into the way others deal with and manage their own stress. The depth of engagement between attendees proved beneficial in sharing personal experiences and gave a new appreciation that we are all dealing with some level of stress”

Camilla Van Den Broek

HR Manager, Chobani

“Thank you” for granting me the opportunity to learn about the “5 Pillars.” I have grown tremendously in regards to enhancing my well-being, holistically. In all honesty, I thought I was on the right track but I did not have a clue! Your webinars were so informative, insightful, and invigorating that I craved them every Sunday. I was looking forward to hearing your tips and strategies – from learning about meal preparation which I am doing on the weekends to utilizing a timeclock to develop better sleeping habits I bought a small teal clock (I had to have a pretty one. :)), or implementing self-awareness in one’s daily routine which I am doing by recognizing my breath (every hour) and redirecting my thoughts. Please know that I would not have been able to feel a sense of gratitude for myself if it was not for attending the “5 Pillars” Webinar Series. Both of you have impacted my life significantly and words cannot express my
sincerest gratitude”


Workshop Attendee, 5 Pillars Workshop

“Something shifted in me that day. I remember crying to you because I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. I have come so far since that day, I have my own blog, doing online courses to run courses and it now seems like there is not enough time to do all the things I want to do! So thank you for shifting something in me that needed to be shifted”

Expo Attendee

Own Your Health Co Wellness Womens Expo - April 2019

“You did an amazing job pulling it all together. Congratulations!”

Expo Attendee

Own Your Health Co Wellness Womens Expo - April 2019

“Well organised event. I thoroughly enjoyed the morning!”

Expo Attendee

Own Your Health Co Wellness Womens Expo - April 2019

“To the Speaker tonight, thank you for your speech of encouragement and motivation. It has surely inspired me in a lot of ways and how to handle life in a respective manner”


Mental Health, Wellbeing and Gender Performance in the Workplace

Gender Performance


Stress Management


Financial Wellbeing

Mental Health

Relationships at Work


Working from Home

Resilience at Work

Low-Tox Workplace

Move Your Body

Executive Health

Emotional Intelligence

Meal Planning

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