Women's Health in the Workplace

Our signature workshops for workplace wellbeing include short courses, seminars, trainings and webinars that solve problems in key areas of corporate health and wellness, and address gender-specific needs of women and men, respectively.

Delivered online and/or face-to-face, trainers include specialists from across our professional network.

Our workshops are used successfully by individuals, teams and at workplace meetings to raise awareness of or address specific health and wellbeing concerns.

Our workshops for workplace wellbeing include current and engaging content in key health and wellbeing areas, including gender specific participation.

Our Signature Workshops

5 Pillars to Greater Health

Are you looking for ways to achieve more in your life whilst maintaining vibrant health and energy? 

This workshop will guide you on the foundations of nurturing the whole YOU by introducing you to our Five Pillars of Greater Health framework.

YOU are the driver of your healthiest and vibrant self and this workshop will support you with thought provoking ideas and strategies on how you can leverage this knowledge to create long lasting sustainable behaviours for health and wellbeing. 

An interactive workshop that supports in depth learning around true health and wellbeing, the strategy behind this framework derives from positive psychology concepts and terms and will provide key learnings on: 

  • How you can cultivate your desired level of health and wellbeing by nurturing the whole you
  • The importance and benefits of “whole” health
  • How wholistic approach to health underpins your career, relationships and lifestyle 
  • Simple application of the Five Pillars to Greater Health Framework to your everyday life 

Tailoring of content to current and future needs of the workplace can be discussed and considered.  Workshop runs for 90 minutes minimum with individual pre-work. 

Leading into Menopause at Work

Leading into Menopause at Work

Is female representation an important part of your business strategy? 

Then the innate needs of women going through Menopause  need to be too. 

Menopause is the known unknown. Impacting ALL women, it is a topic that is yet to be explored and understood in the workplace. For most women this life stage happens at a time when they are coming back into their careers. Their ambition is thriving, their appetite for career fulfilment and satisfaction is high. Now is the time to start the conversation to ensure these brilliant, confident and talented women remain as part of your business, your strategy.,This is an in depth and educational workshop aimed at raising awareness and knowledge about Menopause.  Empathy, support and normalising this life stage is the most common need of women in the workplace, yet many workplaces, leaders and managers do not know where to start. 

These presentation workshops run for about 90 minutes and are aimed at equipping you with knowledge around:

  • What Menopause is 
  • Who it impacts and how it impacts them
  • Why this is an important workplace issue
  • How to start the conversation 

This workshop is aimed at managers and leaders within the workplace who seek to support the gender specific health needs of employees.  If you desire to create a safe space for your employees and start the conversation around Menopause, this workshop is the perfect first step for your organisation.

Small Group Menopause Workshops

Interactive coaching style workshops for smaller groups aimed at discussing specific issues affecting yourself or women in the workplace. 

These workshops can be tailored to current and future workplace needs and are aimed at empowering, supporting and building greater self awareness around Menopause and what you need. 

Each workshop focuses on positive psychology principles, mindset, emotional intelligence and broader whole health strategies. 

These workshops will run for two hours and can cover topics such as: 

  • Understanding Menopause more deeply
  • Strategies for managing Menopause at work
  • Managing Menopause for life, career and relationships
  • Starting the conversation around Menopause
  • Supporting team members 
  • Using Menopause to my advantage

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