Menopause is a significant life transition that affects every woman differently…

From physical symptoms to emotional changes, the menopausal journey can be challenging. But what do women really want when it comes to menopause support?

At Own Your Health Collective we recently released a research survey to better understand women’s experiences and most importantly understand what they want as they navigate this phase of life. This is a summary of their desires:

Comprehensive Education:

It goes without saying the one common theme among women is the need for more education about menopause. A majority of women, many workplaces and the overall community are not adequately informed about menopause, leading to a lack of support for women going through this transition. Women want to see more awareness and education initiatives to help break the silence and ensure that menopause is understood and supported in all aspects of life.

Effective Solutions for Symptoms:

Understanding and managing the 35+ menopausal symptoms is a challenging journey. Women often feel frustrated and confused about which solutions are truly effective. What women really want is to feel supported and empowered to make informed decisions about their health and well-being during menopause. Women seek evidence-based information to help them understand their options and make the best choices for them.

Normalisation and Destigmatisation:

Despite the increase in awareness Menopause is still so stigmatised, leading to feelings of shame and isolation for many women. Women want to see menopause normalised in society, with open and supportive conversations about this natural phase of life. By reducing the stigma surrounding menopause, women can feel more empowered to seek help and support when needed.

Ongoing Support:

Menopause is not just a phase; it’s a new stage of life that requires ongoing support and care. Women want to feel supported and understood during and after menopause, as they navigate this new chapter of their lives. Whether it’s through healthcare providers, their workplace, community groups or online resources, women value ongoing support to help them flourish and enjoy life during and post menopause.

Accessible and Receptive Care:

Women appreciate healthcare providers who specialise in women’s health and understand their unique needs across this phase. Access to supportive and understanding care can make a world of difference for women going through menopause, helping them feel heard and supported during this transformative time.

Community and Social Support:

Women want to connect with others who understand what they’re going through, helping them feel less alone and more empowered to embrace this new stage of life. Joining women’s groups or engaging in community activities can provide much-needed support and friendship during menopause. This exactly why we have created our new community group Let’s Talk, as we never want to see or hear of women feeling alone again.

In summary, while the information about menopause support is not new, it is crucial to reinforce just how profound this phase of life is for women. By acknowledging the unique challenges and needs of women going through menopause, we can create a more supportive and understanding environment that empowers women to embrace this transformative stage with confidence and a thriving mindset.

Through Own Your Health Collective, we’re committed to offering women a holistic approach to menopause support that addresses their physical, emotional, and social needs. We provide comprehensive education, effective solutions for symptoms, and ongoing support to help women navigate menopause with confidence and a thriving mindset. Our goal is to empower women to embrace this new chapter of their lives and take control of their health and well-being. You can learn more about our work at www.ownyourhealthco.com.au and be sure to check out our new community Let’s Talk. You can join now for $99 per year plus bring a friend for FREE.

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