Natalie Moore and Lisa Saunders are the ultimate work-wives team. They have a keen interest in women in the workplace, especially when they should be thriving professionally, but peri-menopause can cause havoc to women’s careers. Two brains are better than one, and they decided to go into business together to improve workplace wellbeing. 

In this episode, we discuss the importance of goal setting and how it can impact career and personal outcomes. We look at the importance of working as a team to achieve career and personal goals and how their blended strengths align and complement each other for their business to thrive.

We then look at the impact of the two years of the pandemic on our mental and physical health. I’ve called this episode “The Big Burnout” due to many client work this year dedicated to getting professionals out of their funk and back into life and work. So, it was great to reflect on this trend I have noticed anecdotally with two health and wellness experts.

And finally, we then tackle one of my favorite topics: menopause. There is so little research and public knowledge of the impact of hormonal imbalances and career progression. For some women, perimenopause can severely and negatively affect their careers. Lisa and Natalie work with professional women and their workplaces to educate and promote better policies for women’s career advancement.

I hope you enjoy this episode. Please connect with me on social media or reply to my newsletter and let me know how this episode helped you or someone you know.

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