OYHC Affirmation Cards


Manage Your Emotions
Our beautiful boxed Affirmation cards are personally written by Natalie and Lisa and creatively designed by Lou from Totally Innocent. They make the perfect give for you or a special someone in your life.

Whole Health Product Support

from $17.00

Whole Health Online
Make your healthy simple everyday with the products we use and recommend to support your whole health, wellbeing and lifestyle.

Eat to Love You


You Can Eat Mindfully
Together nutrition and mindfulness play an important role in supporting your physical and mental health. Eating Mindfully allows you to nourish your body and create a new relationship with food and its goodness.

Coaching Gift Certificate

From $50.00

Health Gift Voucher

Give the gift of starting a loved one off pursuing their healthiest, vibrant self with our coaching gift certificate. This gift certificate can be used for any available coaching option.

Cooking Session Gift Certificate

From $50.00

Cooking class gift certificate

Give the gift of a healthy cooking class to a special loved one held at our health hub. This gift certificate can be used towards an available cooking session.

Family Friendly Meal Plan


Family Friendly Meal plan
Our family friendly meal plan is designed for professional women and men who desire healthy recipes and tips to assist them with daily nourishment.

Anxiety & Stress Support Meal Plan


Manage Your Emotions
This meal plan has been designed to provide guidance on the types of foods that can support your emotional health in helping to relieve anxiety and stress.