OYHC Affirmation Cards


Our beautiful boxed Affirmation cards are personally written by Natalie and Lisa and creatively designed by Lou from Totally Innocent. They make the perfect give for you or a special someone in your life.

The words you use to yourself and others have extreme power in the way we live our life. When used in a positive sense, your words will incredibly transform how you feel, think and act!

Through the use of positive affirmations, you will create an opportunity to retrain your brain and awaken your subconscious mind to your greatest self. In fact positive affirmations have the ability to direct your thoughts, emotions, behaviours and beliefs to intentionally help you create the life you desire.

We intentionally set out to create these cards for individuals, both women and men who want to cultivate that deeper sense of positivity, connection and empowerment. These are the perfect daily feel good and mindset practice to help you shift your energies for a great mood and prosperous day ahead.

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