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Welcome to Peri Menopause Power

by Peri Menopause Power | Season 1, Episode 1


Welcome to your Peri Menopause Power. For too long women have navigated this life stage in silence, crippled at times by the symptoms and unconsciously leaping into this unknown. Despite the challenges this life stage poses, we want to help women awaken to the power that lies within them.

When women can lean into their physiology they can elevate to their highest potential, create a conscious connection to self, nurture their body and mind strength and awaken an untapped inner confidence.

Being a woman is a gift and you are more powerful than you think.

We can’t wait to take you on this powerful journey through each podcast episode. We are your hosts Lisa Saunders and Natalie Moore. We are two certified holistic health coaches passionate about empowering women to embrace their female physiology for greater whole health, wellbeing and vitality during this pivotal life stage.

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