“It is a natural normal event which also has observable changes attached to it and a wider range of individual experiences, many of which do require specific understanding and support for women to be able to traverse through these changes positively” – About Bloody Time

You are probably synonymous with the term Life Begins at 40. For many women, this is the time that we start to come back into ourselves or possibly even fully discover who we are for the first time.

After countless years of child caring and parental responsibilities, this is likely the time where you will decide to pursue your own passions. In a lot of cases, your career becomes your greatest satisfaction. 

As much as you get satisfaction from being with and nurturing your family, everyday comes with that tinge of constant “doing”. 

Your career on the other hand oozes ambition, drive, fulfillment, deep satisfaction and a true sense of self. You’ve done the hard yards in navigating the stresses of juggling family and work and now this is your true time to shine…then…

Hello Menopause: the known unknown.

All of us would know that it is coming at some point into our 40s, after all, we ALL go through it. BUT very few actually understand what they are experiencing. 

How can something so natural in a woman’s life be so unknown and unmentionable? 

For a lot of women, they do not even know that the symptoms they experience in their forties is actually Perimenopause – the pre-menopause phase that can start on average from the age of 43 and actually last into our early fifties. 

The unexplained fatigue, fogginess, loss of confidence, anxiety are all natural occurrences of perimenopause that we naturally loathe but do not understand the full root cause. 

We want to shine a light on the simplest way for women to manage menopause. And the best bit, is it starts simply with YOU and learning about you and your body through each phase of your menstrual cycle. 

Knowing that you are both the cause and remedy to your greatest self might create a sense of confidence and unease all rolled into one. Let’s be honest you’ve spent your life hiding your cycles and now we’re trying to get you to unearth them. 

You see period prejudice has been around for generations. We have had views and ideas of periods passed down to us from woman to woman, all with the same message of shame, judgement, guilt, disgust, angst and stress. These beliefs are so heavily ingrained that we go into our menopausal phase blinded by just how powerful our menstrual cycle is. Even in our forties and fifties we do not truly understand that we have the opportunity to reclaim our power through our cycles. 

So, back to YOU. The incredible you, governed by the powerful life force that is your menstrual cycle. Women are revered as the gentler, softer and more passive sex, when in fact your menstrual cycle screams growth, confidence, awareness, passion, strength and yet it is likely you have let it all pass you by.

But rejoice you can reclaim your power through your forties and tap into your Peri Power.  

Where do I even start, you ask?

Cycle Tracking. This is not about riding a bicycle on some secluded track. No this is you, tracking your monthly cycle, from day 1 to day 28. 

Your menstrual cycle starts with day 1 of menstruation. This is the day we want you to start a daily check in with yourself. Every day spend a few minutes noticing your energy levels, your mindset, your thoughts and feelings, your interests, your stress levels, how you are spending your time, sleep and eating patterns. 

We know it looks like a lot, but these are simple “everyday” things we can do that most of us take for granted, because we’re usually too busy to stop and notice. 

Through learning, self awareness and application of this knowledge you will notice a shift in yourself and more specifically a growth in your ability to know what you need at any given time during your cycle. As they say, knowledge is power, but using that knowledge has even greater power and rewards that we have you flourishing through your forties, into your fifties and beyond. 

Do you resonate with what we have written here? Are you experiencing symptoms as mentioned above? 

We are now offering a Peri Menopause Coaching Program that is aimed at helping you understand the stage you are in, your body and then learning how you can support your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health? Learn more about our coaching services here.

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