We’re thrilled to welcome Natalie Moore to the show. Today, Natalie has morphed her twenty-year career into her business Own Your Health Collective where together with her co-founder they advocate for whole health and wellbeing support – from nutrition, mindset, EQ, stress management, women’s and men’s health, yoga, and meditation, psychological safety, developing relationships – to name a few. The business also has a niche focus on supporting Menopause in the community and in the workplace. With Australia having 6.4 million women 40+, it is an opportune time to support this generation of women who are passionately working and living to have a fulfilled, satisfying life and career.

It is time to break the taboo and embrace this very natural phase of life so that women leading into, during, and post-Menopause can continue to prosper and live their best life.
In today’s episode, Tom and Natalie discuss:
What is menopause?
How long does it last?
Why is it a workplace issue?
How can we bring this discussion into workplaces
Vision for the future workplace
~ Resources
Own Your Health Collective:
https://ownyourhealthco.com.au/about-us/about-you-own-your-health-collective/# Connect with Natalie https://www.linkedin.com/in/nataliemoore22/ Podcast Host of Peri-Menopause Power
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