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(In person depending on location) 


We work with you to determine your specific needs, creating a program based on your goals, desires and life.  Whilst we offer single sessions that for some may be enough for some to start clarifying what they want to focus on health and life, we see the greatest results happen over your commitment to an individual tailored plan that is specific to your needs and helps you create the desired behaviour change you are seeking.

You will undertake an initial discovery Wellbeing coaching session (90 minutes) which sets the framework to create an effective and individual Wellbeing Coaching sessions program, where we meet on a regular basis.  The program includes accountability and knowledge check-ins in between sessions to ensure you progress and remain on track.

Coaching Options

We coach on a myriad of topics to support your whole health regardless of what phase of life you are in. We are here to support and guide you to create a plan to achieve your greatest health and life goals. With a background in health coaching and a specialisation in menopause, Natalie and Lisa combine their knowledge of holistic wellness practices with evidence-based approaches to create personalised strategies for their clients. They believe in a comprehensive lifestyle approach that addresses the unique needs of each woman, considering factors such as nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management, and hormonal balance.

Choose a coaching topic to start planning for your greatest health. 

Not sure if this is right for you? Book in a complimentary boost your health discovery call with Nat or Lisa to help get your started. 

Boost Your Health Discovery Call 

20 minute call 

Nutritional Food Coaching

90 minute consultation

Menopause Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

90 minute consultation

Health & Wellbeing Coaching

90 minute consultation

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Your Coaches

We are two certified coaches working in women’s whole health. We come together we complimentary skills and experience to support your life stage. We see women’s health, menstrual cycles and Peri Menopause as critical life opportunities, that offers so much potential and power to feel your happiest self whilst living your best life.

With a deep understanding of the physical, emotional, and psychological changes that accompany this transformative phase of life, Natalie & Lisa empower women to navigate menopause with confidence, grace, and optimal well-being.

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