Let's Talk

By Women For Women

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”- Helen Keller.


Community Support for Menopausal Women

Let's Talk

Welcome to a safe space for menopausal conversations

Are you navigating the waves of menopause? You are not alone. 

Let’s Talk is a sanctuary for women like you to connect, share and be heard. This journey, whether you’re approaching it, in the midst of it, or reflecting on it, deserves a space where empathy, understanding and support are at the heart of every conversation

Menopause is more than a physiological change; it’s a life transition that encompasses mind, body and spirit. At Let’s Talk, we are all about embracing this journey with open arms, offering a platform for authentic conversations, continuous support and boundless empathy. Here, every experience is valid, every emotion is respected

Connect, share and grow together

Join a community where your voice is heard and your presence is valued. Let’s Talk is a hub for connection and shared wisdom about navigating all stages of menopause. Together, we’ll support each other, share insights, and forge friendships that enrich our lives beyond menopause

Your community for life, access includes:

  • A safe and inclusive community
  • Weekly virtual chats
  • Local meet ups
  • Access to health coaches & other experts 
  • Health & Wellness workshops

It’s time for a change.

Join Let’s Talk and become part of a community that breaks the silence around menopause.