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"It is not important to be better than someone else, but to be better than you were yesterday."

Jigoro Kano



Own Your Health Inside Outside Program

Inside out program
We are so pleased to release our "Business Wellbeing Inside Out" program. Presenting on topics from a Health and Wellbeing perspective for businesses and individuals navigating the current working environment, we deliver eight informative sessions to inform you and your workforce. Natalie and Lisa present on topics related to mindfulness, emotional intelligence, immunity, building high quality connections, healthy eating and sleep. This is a wonderful opportunity to set up your workforce moving forward as we navigate a changed working world.

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"Optimising Your Immunity and Eating Well at Home"

immunity foods
Assisting the you and your workforce to navigate working from home and look after their immunity! This "Optimising Your Immunity and Eating Well at Home" Webinar is a 45 minute practical online session where we provide a list of essential action points to help improve and maintain one's health at home. We will look at what you can do now to optimise your immune system; how the quality of your diet impacts your immunity; how to love your kitchen, get meal prepping and eat real food to support immunity; avoid stress eating and choose foods that are going to nourish you whilst working from home; the lifestyle factors that also optimise your immunity.

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"Working Well from Home with a Healthy Mindset"

work from home
Looking for ways to support the mental and emotional health of yourself, your people and business? This online 60 minute webinar is aimed at helping you to continue to thrive at work and in life during a stage of change. A skills based learning session, this will support emotional and mental resilience, provide practical strategies to boost personal energy, motivation and performance and develop tools to cultivate deep connections, foster high levels of self care and find ways to balance pressure and stress.

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"Building High Quality Connections"

working connections
Are your employees and teams looking for ways they can embrace the magic of true connection with each other? High quality connections are important fuel for work colleagues and clients to be effective and healthy. At this time of isolation our relationships are even more critical for our work and life. In this 60 minute webinar, we help your workforce understand the importance of building high quality connections for motivation & productivity, illustrate how to create and build high quality connections and provide a step-by-step approach to cultivate great working relationships online.

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Anxiety & Stress Support Meal Plan

We know that stress and anxiety can play a huge role in the development of illness, impacting how individuals prioritise wellness into their daily routine. At Own Your Health Collective, we are all about helping individuals manage these feelings, so along with mindset and mindfulness strategies, we believe good Nutrition can be effective to support anxiety and stress too. This meal program is filled with fresh, vibrant recipes that prioritise key nutrients to support and reduce stress and anxiety.

Stress & Anxiety Support Meal Plan

Immune Support Meal Plan

When it comes to preventing illness, most people know their immune system is important, but might be confused about how to support it. Our Immune Support meal plan removes this confusion and assists your immunity with easy to make recipes at home. While no single food or nutrient can prevent or cure viral infections, research tells us that consistently meeting requirements of certain key nutrients, will support your immune system and reduce the risk of health complications. This seven day meal plan contains recipes high in nutrients known to support the immune system.

Immune Support Meal Program
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