Episode 97: “better outcomes for women..” Natalie Moore & Lisa Saunders

Natalie Moore and Lisa Saunders are founders, coaches, and lifestyle educators at their own business Own Your Health Collective. They have audacious goals in breaking taboos and shifting mindsets around issues about women’s health. 

In particular, this relates to menstruation and menopause, specifically in the workplace. 

Over the years, Natalie and Lisa have had their issues at work and realised that there is a real gap in knowledge and awareness regarding women’s cycles and phases.  The knock-on effect impacts their careers and ability to show up in this world as they want.

Lisa started her career in property.  She started a family and found the work was not accommodating for a working mother.  She also experienced some health issues.  The challenges encouraged her to pivot and retrain as a food and nutritional health coach before starting her own business.  She found that she loved working for herself and the new industry. She is about real food and good health.

Through a mutual friend, Lisa met Natalie around 2019 and did a women’s health expo together.  After this, they decided to set up their own business together. Their skills are complementary.

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