Meet Our Team

Certified Wholistic Health and Wellbeing Coaches
Accredited Nutrition Coach
Lisa and Nicole

Meet Our Team

Certified Wholistic Health and Wellbeing Coaches

Partners in your workplace

Helping you improve the everyday health, performance and energy of you, your people and your workplace.

Our Story

Own Your Health Collective aims to inspire and help businesses create the best workplaces where staff can thrive.

Why? We’ve both been there. ¬†Together we share over 40 years of experience working in the corporate world. We understand the pressure associated with creating a happy, low stress and healthy working environment.

Whilst it’s true that many Corporates know the benefits of happy workplace, many don’t know where to start or have the capability to implement ‘something’ that is going to make that difference. That’s where Own Your Health Collective comes in.

Our Values & Beliefs

True thriving is wholistic

We have purposely added the “w” to holistic because we believe that real health is whole health from your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self.

Keeping it simple and real

With so much confusing choice regarding what health and wellbeing should be, we believe in guiding you with simple practical strategies.

No cookie cutter initiatives

We understand and appreciate that every individual and workplace is different and take a tailored approach to supporting you based solely on your needs. .

Lisa Saunders


Lisa coaches on a myriad of subject matter relating to health, lifestyle and nutrition.

Her corporate life experience sees her guiding employers and employees alike to navigate a work life balance around the health challenges they consistently face in the workplace today.

Her focus is about keeping change real, manageable and doable.

Lisa Saunders
Lisa Saunders

Natalie Moore


Natalie coaches individuals to achieve their desired level of health and wellbeing, create work/life blend and embrace their greatest self.

Educating others to build mindsets around their health and wellbeing is her greatest passion when it comes to work and she looks forward to helping workplaces nurture the mindsets of the business and its people.

Connect with us to find out how we can make a difference in your workplace!

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