Natalie Moore BBus(Hons)

Certified Wellness and Mindset Educator
Founder, Own Your Health Collective

About Natalie…


Natalie Moore helps business leaders and their teams achieve ‘whole’ health and wellbeing goals that benefit them personally and professionally, and are accompanied by significant, productivity and profitability improvements in the workplace.

Holding a Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Tourism and Hospitality, Natalie’s professional experience includes a decade in sales roles, as a National Account Manager for some of that period. She also has experience in business e-commerce and customer service. Natalie’s breadth of qualifications and certifications encompass health and wellness coaching as well as training and assessment in business, leadership, communications and marketing.

As a wellness educator, Natalie is committed to a gender performance approach to teaching others how to develop a new health and wellbeing mindset; recognise and cultivate the professional and personal qualities that make them unique; and envision and practice a sustainable work-life balance.

Natalie’s clients include future-focused workplaces whose leaders wish to nurture a positive health and wellbeing culture that supports both the people and the business.

Natalie has specialist understanding and experience in mindset coaching and behavioural change processes. She is skilled at leading individuals and teams to align their values with their vision through nurturing their passion and purpose in life.

She works with individuals who are ready to take action in pursuit of their greatest and healthiest life; individuals who say Yes to themselves, their desires and their dreams.

Her greatest satisfaction comes from watching an individual step out of their comfort zone and go after what they desire most in life, regardless of the hurdles that may lie ahead.

The motivation behind Natalie’s life-changing work is her wish to bring about a cultural shift in the professional community around health and wellbeing. Her vision is for each individual to appreciate that they are in the ‘driver’s seat’ when it comes to living their best life; and that true health and wellbeing in the context of a thriving workplace are absolutely possible.


Natalie is tenacious, forward-thinking and driven to make the working world a place where future generations may thrive.

A strong believer that everything is possible, she challenges each one of us to define what our ‘everything’ looks like and to embrace the passion that makes us feel most alive.

Away from work, Natalie is a five-time marathon-running mum. Phew. And as if that is not enough, she is also a Certified Yoga Teacher … and has surprised even herself to find that – like so much else in life – touching your toes is possible with practice, breathing and an open mind.