Lisa Saunders BBus

Certified Nutritional Health Educator
Co-founder, Own Your Health Collective

About Lisa…


Lisa Saunders applies her considerable expertise in workplace change management in the areas of health, lifestyle and nutrition to health and wellness training, education and coaching for leaders, teams and the workplace.

Lisa holds two Bachelor of Business degrees in Business Administration and Property, respectively. She has spent more than 25 years in the property sector and her skillset includes financial management, analysis and research, change management and customer service. Lisa is also a Nutritional Food Coach and is certified in gut health management and as a Type 2 Diabetes Nutritional Advisor.

As a nutritional health educator, Lisa helps her clients understand and overcome the inevitable challenges in contemporary workplaces around maintaining optimal health. The results include significant and long-term benefits for leaders, team members and the workplace itself.

Specialising in gender-sensitive health and nutrition coaching, Lisa’s focus is on making change manageable by teaching practical and achievable strategies with meaningful actions towards improved health and wellbeing that produce tangible results for women and men, respectively.

Her clients are businesses and organisations whose leaders recognise the close connections between an employee’s wellbeing and their productivity; leaders who understand that to increase business success they must support their staff’s ‘whole’ health.

Lisa designs and delivers unique programs and workshops on a range of holistic (‘wholistic’) health, lifestyle and nutrition topics. Her wellness coaching services support individuals or teams to help them identify health goals and develop appropriate strategies for reaching them. Lisa’s coaching also provides accountability to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved.

Her greatest satisfaction comes from, first, witnessing the fundamental mindset shifts that enable a client to improve their professional and personal life by nourishing their body and mind; and second, to observe the positive impacts this has on their colleagues and workplace as a whole.


Away from work, Lisa dreams of cooking with fresh, seasonal, organic ingredients every single day, creating new recipes and practicing new cooking techniques.

She does realise there can be too much of a good thing, however… it once took her over seven hours (until 3am!) to make a Thomas the Tank Engine cake for her son’s fourth birthday. Needless to say, she hasn’t done that again…

A skilled musician, Lisa played piano for 16 years and hopes to take it up again one day. She is also keen to learn guitar.