Our Story

Hello. We are Natalie and Lisa.

We help women achieve holistic health and wellbeing for work and life.

We have been those same ambitious women who have spent days juggling the many roles and expectations all while oblivious to the power within us.

We come together with complimentary passions based around health and wellbeing. We are both fully accredited coaches and incorporate our individual expertise to help women discover whole health.

With experience and knowledge in hand, our mission is to empower women to embrace their female physiology to elevate their highest potential for greater confidence, energy and health. 

We believe that developing your whole health is the cornerstone for your success as a thriving individual in life and at work. 

We know that when you are healthy in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self, you have an increased capacity to live with lasting health, wellbeing and happiness, no matter what life stage you are experiencing. 

We will help you tune into your body and what you truly need to live the balanced and energised life you desire. 


Meet the Change Makers

Lisa Saunders

Hi I am Lisa, 

  • I AM a lover of real food and amazed by what it brings to our health
  • I AM a wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend
  • I AM super passionate about women’s health
  • I AM a believer that listening to our body is a game changer
  • I AM an avid learner
  • I AM motivated and driven by positive outcomes in life
  • I AM an advocate for whole health learning
  • I AM driven to live an authentic life
  • I AM a believer that self awareness around emotions and actions provides for a fuller & rewarding life
  • I AM always dreaming of my next holiday experience

  • Food & Nutritional Coaching Diploma
  • Certified Nutritional Food Coach
  • Certified Diabetes 2 Advisor
  • Certified Gut Health Advisor
  • Bachelor of Business, Business Administration & Property

Hi, I am Natalie. 

  • I AM tenacious and driven
  • I AM a strong believer that everything is possible
  • I AM a mother, wife and nurturer
  • I AM a marathon runner
  • I AM ambitious and passionate about living my best life
  • I AM excited by what is possible for others
  • I AM focused on making an impact where future generations may thrive
  • I AM an advocate for spiritual health and connection
  • I AM a lover of intentional life learning
  • I AM so so grateful to do the work I so genuinely enjoy

  • Certified Wellness & Mindset Coach
  • Level 1 350hr Yoga & Meditation Teacher
  • Mental Health First Aider
  • Trainer/Facilitator & Assessor
  • Bachelor of Business

Natalie Moore