“…A good book, has no ending” EE Cummings 

If we were to ask you “what do you want from life” – how would you answer?

Most people would automatically throw in happiness. As we get older, we probably start to think that this is all we need. But we actually want to challenge this mindset and give you our take on this question. We think most people would answer with – to have purpose, passion, fulfilment…to ultimately live my best life.

Hmmm, yes we can picture you nodding your head as you read those powerful words. They’re probably words you know but perhaps they are words you have never associated with yourself, well not until this moment.  Results from our Wholistic Women’s Survey, 2020 highlighted that living your best life attracted a 40% response rate by the survey recipients. Finding passion, purpose and a personal interest rated high at 54%!

This got us thinking about what it means to truly live your best life. Take for instance the “digitised” world we live in today.  With unrealistic social media images flashing before our eyes, has it created the notion that living our best life is unachievable? Has it made it hard to consider that this is even a possible option?

We are BIG believers that this is ABSOLUTELY an opportunity that awaits you. Quite simply, the secret glue which binds this dream is – YOU. And not just the you we see, the “whole you”. We refer to the “whole you” being physical, mental, spiritual and emotional and we know this because we are living proof. And here’s how we know you can do it:

1. Acknowledge thy selfThe reason we are so confident about our thinking is because you set the rules. You define what your best life looks like.  In a busy, busy world it can be challenging to truly listen to your body and your mind and be open to what is possible. Give yourself the opportunity to be still and simply listen. What is going well? What are you struggling with? And how can you turn this into an opportunity to learn and grow?

2. Be your best physical self: There is a great correlation between your physical health, energy and vitality. Despite the many messages that tell us how we should move, what to eat and how to sleep, being your best physical self rests with you. Through movement, nutrition and good rest you will feel more energised, focused and confident in pursuing your best life

3. We all have mental health: Mental Health is all about the mind. It is about exercising the mind and connecting it with the rest of your body.  You can sharpen your mental health through the power of learning, growth and development. It is an innate need as a human being to learn throughout life and through learning, we develop possibilities for change, new desires and a world of opportunity.

4. Spiritual health isn’t woo woo: It is purely about nurturing the spiritual parts of you. Your values, your purpose, your passions, connecting with your intuition and following your gut. When you align yourself with your values, you make easier choices to how you want to live and show up. You feel more confident, energised and productive because you can be sure in yourself that you are living as you want to be.

5. Emotional health is paramount: We have a biological need to belong. We want social support and to joyfully connect with other people. When you have positive connections with others, you release happy hormones into your bloodstream.  This creates feelings of higher self esteem, greater self satisfaction, lower levels of stress and potentially a longer life. Through your emotional health you can be inspired to rise up to your greatest version.

The key with living your best life starts with you. And more simply it starts with nurturing the “whole you” so that you feel more balanced, aligned and in control of how you want to live your life. For more great tips on living your best life, check out our blog “Keep Engaged, Keep Busy”. You might also like to join our waitlist for our upcoming “Wholistic Women’s Network”.

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