Lisa Saunders & Natalie Moore

Certified Health and Wellness Coaches

Holistic wellbeing in the workplace for better health, performance and energy of you, your people and workplace.

Helping You Improve Everyday Health

Own Your Health and Wellbeing to make thriving simple at work, life & play.

Research has found that a focus on the health of your people, will have them thriving at work and in life. If you desire a workplace boosted by creativity, increased energy, reduced stress and employee satisfaction, we make it easy with our workplace health and wellbeing programs, online platforms, interactive workshops and coaching options.


No it isn’t a spelling mistake?

The W in wholistic is an intentional play on the word "whole"

Our programs, work and focus is around the 'whole' you.

We take a Wholistic wellbeing approach to help improve the everyday health, performance and energy of you, your people and your workplace.

Workplace Wellbeing Programs

Customised wellbeing programs for you, your team and business

Online Holistic Platform

Self paced health and wellness content accessible 24/7

Wellness Workshops

Individual and short course live workshops and webinars

Coaching Inspiration

One on One and Group Coaching inspiration


At Own Your Health Collective, we use the five pillars framework as the basis of our content delivery across all our programs, platforms and coaching.

Whilst the individual aspects of this framework may not be completely new to you, the evidence based research that sits behind each of these aspects provides deep insights into nurturing the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual elements. All of which helps you and those around you reach your desired level of ‘optimum’ health.

Own Your Health Philosophy

Our five pillar framework is dialing up new thinking and focal points when it comes to living your best life, energy and performance. It is no longer about the surface level health or the idea that you are simply what you eat or how you move.

Rather, we look at the whole you from the brain to the heart, to the gut and to the outer realm that surrounds you. Let us work with you to bring the five pillars into your life and open your mind to a world of possible wholistic health.

About Us

Lisa and Natalie share over 40 years corporate working experience. They work with you to tailor a solution specific to your organisation, creating a culture of wellness that has existing staff turning up every day, whilst attracting new talent too. Own Your Health Collective inspires and helps businesses to create that workplace where staff thrive. Our coaching inspiration has you and your staff in the best shape to move forward in this ever changing world.

Own Your Health and Well-being to make thriving simple at work, life and play.

Wellness Coaching Australia


“Your delivery of each session to attendees was easy to follow and certainly encouraged them to consider a healthy lifestyle from a nutrition, movement, sleep, stress and mindset perspective.”

City Of Moreland council

“A great interactive workshop series that allowed me to understand my own stress and how to better manage it, but also gave me insights into the way others deal with and manage their own stress. ”


“Something shifted in me that day. I have come so far since that day, I have my own blog, doing online courses to run courses and it now seems like there is not enough time to do all the things I want to do! ”

Expo Attendee

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100’s OF IDEAS

Each workplace is different.

We tailor our messages of nutrition, movement, stress management, mental health. leadership, culture change, mindfulness and general health to have your workplace working better.

Connect with us to find out how we can make a difference in your workplace!

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