“Igniting a cultural revolution: Empowering women to rewrite their narratives, seize control of their health, careers and lives and celebrate the transformative journey of womanhood.”

Education and Support
for Every Woman

“When we honour our bodies as the wisdom keepers they are, we open ourselves to true healing and transformation.”

– Christiane Northrup –

Hello from Us!

Being a woman is a gift… It’s about unlocking your boundless potential, embracing growth, pursuing your goals and fulfilling your deepest desires. It’s about living a life that vibrates with energy, purpose and well-being.

Natalie and Lisa, the passionate creators behind Own Your Health Collective, are dedicated to transforming women’s journeys through life’s phases into empowering and enlightening experiences. They recognise that women often navigate these transitions silently and at times feel overwhelmed by the challenges they bring. However, Natalie and Lisa see these phases as opportunities for women to awaken their inner strength and embrace the power within them.

By understanding and embracing their unique life phases, women can unlock their highest potential, fostering a deep connection with themselves, nurturing their bodies and minds, and igniting a profound sense of confidence. Natalie and Lisa believe that being a woman is a remarkable gift, and they are committed to empowering women to realise their inherent strength and vitality.

As certified holistic health coaches, Natalie and Lisa are dedicated to supporting women through these pivotal life stages, helping them embrace their physiology and thrive with whole health and wellbeing. 

We help you:

  • Decode your body’s whispers and translate them into actionable steps for optimal and a fulfilling life.
  • Embrace the strength and wisdom that comes with each phase, transforming challenges into opportunities.
  • Craft a personalised roadmap to a life that thrives, on your term.

Our Pillars





“The cornerstones guiding women back to themselves”

Who we have worked with

Your body is not simply a physical entity,
but a sacred vehicle for spiritual growth and self-realisation

– Christiane Northrup –

Rewriting the narrative

Leadership and Women’s Health

Leadership and Women’s Health

Paving the Way for Empowerment and Success In an era where the echoes of patriarchy still resonate, the fusion of leadership and women's health emerges as a...

What our clients are saying

“Your webinars on ‘wholistic’ wellbeing were informative, insightful and invigorating.
They have helped me tremendously.”

T. – City of Moreland Council

“I practice your tips and strategies every day, from using a clock to improve my sleeping habits to practicing self-awareness with a simple breathing activity. They make a difference!“

T. – City of Moreland Council

“Thank you, Lisa, for your workshops in our health and wellness program. Each workshop provided relevant background and evidence-based content which encouraged interaction from staff.”

City of Moreland Council

“Your delivery of each workshop session was easy to follow and encouraged everyone to consider a healthy lifestyle from the perspectives of nutrition, movement, sleep, stress and mindset.”

F. J. – City of Moreland Council

“A great interactive workshop series that allowed me to understand my own stress and how to better manage it. It also gave me insights into the ways other deal with their own stress.”

C.B. – Chobani Australia

“The depth of engagement as attendees shared personal experiences gave us a new appreciation that we are all dealing with some level of stress.”

C.B. – Chobani Australia

“Something shifted in me that day. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. Now there’s not enough time to do all the things I want to do! Thank you.”

Bree – Own Your Health Collective Women’s Expo

“What a great collaboration! In just two hours, the Mindset Reset homed in on two key areas for me: gut health with Lisa and prioritising things in my life with Natalie.”

Viv – Own Your Health Collective Women’s Expo