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At Own Your Health Collective, we take a holistic approach to wellbeing to help improve the everyday health, performance and energy of you, your people and your workplace.

Improving the everyday health of you and your people

Research has found that a focus on the health of your people, will have them thriving in work and life. Imagine a workplace boosted by creativity, increased energy, reduced stress and employee satisfaction.

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Corporate wellbeing


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Corporate Wellbeing


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Corporate Wellbeing


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Corporate Wellbeing


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Each workplace is different.
We tailor our messages of nutrition, exercise and movement, stress management, leadership, culture change, mindfulness and general health to have your workplace working better.

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  • Workplace health
    To Natalie.  Thank you so much for the last 3 hours training session for me.  I believe wellbeing is crucial for me in many ways.  I believe this is the "make way" so far.  Thanks.
  • Corporate Wellbeing
    To the speaker for tonight...Thank for your speech of encouragement and motivation.  It has surely inspired me in alot of ways, how to handle life in a respective manner.  God Bless. Thank you.
  • Corporate Wellbeing
    What a great collaboration!  I did a workshop on mindset reset with these two wonderful ladies who know their stuff.  I felt that in just two hours they were able to hone in on the areas I was trying to work on, specifically gut health with Lisa, and prioritising the areas of most importance in my life, with Natalie.  Will be following up with another workshop for sure!
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